My musical nostalgia trip. - by Gene Dauster. -  St.Louis,Mo.    

1966-67    67-71 Air Force    1971-79    1980-86    1990s with Billy Peek    2010-Current   Family

Besides playing for eight years with Billy Peek and recording on his second album in 1992, I've played in several bands doing Rock, Country, and R&B through the years. My goal here is to chronologically list all the bands and musicians I have played with before my memory fades..... (It may already be too late !)  I will be adding more photos as I dig them out and scan them. I'll also add some comments to put things in context. Anyone who can help refresh my memory on the timeline, correct spelling of names, etc., please contact me at: 


St. Louis, Mo. - Pattonville High School "Backwards Dance" 1966. "The Brogues"

Left to right:  Tom Mowry, Terry Baughn, Jim Metcalf, Jim Burke (Jay), Gene Dauster, and Jack Allensworth.





Pattonville Studs - 1967   (click to enlarge)




Gene - Backwards Dance  - 1966


Party at Metcalf"s ! !  (BYOB ? ) - 1966





Promo Shot - Brogues - Northwest Plaza - 1966

Left to right: Gene, Tom Mowry, Howie Schmitt, Jim Metcalf, Jim Burke.



JCCA Dance - Brogues - Gene, Jim Metcalf, Lansing Hecker  - 1967




JCCA Dance - That is Art Bell and  Jeff Gantt waving in the background.

(click to enlarge)



More Parties at Metcalf's - Christina De Lacuadra ?, Greg Frick, Jeff Gantt -1967




This group looks like trouble !

Lance Carlson, Jim Schmittel, Eric Carlson and Rich Rose - 1967

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1967-71 Air Force

Davis Monthan Air Force Base - Tucson, AZ.   Nov 67 - Mar 69

Even while in the Air Force I continued to find other musicians to jam with.


The Marshmellow Blues Band - Airman's Club - Davis Monthan AFB - 1968 (click to enlarge)

Gene (bass/vocals), Ron ?(vocals), Mike Kubanda (drums/vocals), Rick Martin (guitar), Marty ? (guitar)




From the desert of Arizona  to tropical Japan ?  - 6986 Security Group Wakkanai Air Station, Japan.

March 1969 - Sept 1970


Wakkanai Air Station is as far north as you can go on Hokkaido, Japan. (click to enlarge)

The winter of 1969 we had a total of 283 inches of snowfall. 

This is also where I met my wife Fumie.




So cold in Wakkanai I had to wear a turtleneck sweater, corduroy coat and a fake moustache !





On duty as Auxiliary Fireman at Wakkanai Airport during the summer when planes could actually land !




Still found time to play music.

The first band I played with in Wakkanai was in the Spring of 1969:

The Shades of Soul

 ?, ?,& Sgt.Ken Treadwell (Three stand-up vocalists), Bob ? (guitar/vocals), Larry ? (drums/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass and vocal harmony)

This group was only together briefly as several members ended their tour of duty and left Wakkanai.

Anyone from Wakannai who can refresh my memory on these names or if you have pictures of this band

please contact me.

(Thanks to Sgt. Dan Galley for confirming Ken Treadwell's name.)





 I then helped form a rock band T.S.Colt *

We played at the NCO and Airmen's clubs on base.-Summer of 1969 - 1970

Bill Hicks and John Mayer (not pictured -guitars), Johnny Walker (drums) and Gene Dauster (partially pictured - bass)


(* The name came from a great rock band I had met in Tucson, AZ. Lead by David Hanshaw (guitar). 

The original name "The Shallow Colour Of Liquidated Time"  was created by Sandy Laemmel, (their drummer) and his girlfriend.

I greatly admired them for their musicianship and harmonies.

 While borrowing the name for a few months here in Wakkanai, I always explained the name and credited the boys in Tucson

for coming up with such an original name.)


T.S.Colt  Papa John Mayer (guitar) 1970





Late Summer of 1970 Bill Hicks and I teamed up with Bob Pompei for some acoustic music, doing some nice 3 part harmony.

PHD (Pompei, Hicks & Dauster)

Bob Pompei - Acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals. 

Bill Hicks - Acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals.

Gene Dauster - Bass guitar, harmony vocals. (obnoxious hand drums) 






Back to the desert and Laredo Air Force Base, Texas -Sept 1970 - July 1971

Gene Dauster (bass/vocals), Phil Hall , Mike Leshner, and Chris Statt (acoustic guitars/vocals)

The Steel Heart Band

We took first place in the base talent contest with some excellent four part harmony.

(We won nothing for our fashion misstatements)

Fumie joined me here from Japan and we were married in St. Louis, MO. Nov.7th, 1970. 

I served out my remaining Air Force tour of duty here in Laredo and was discharged in July 1971.


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House Band at Aerospace Lounge and Senate Lounge - 1971-72

Gene Dauster (bass/vocals), Jack Allensworth (guitar & keyboards), Bill Hicks (guitar/vocals), Jim Metcalf (drums/vocals)

(Bill Hicks from Indiana, also played in T.S.Colt with me in Wakkanai, Japan. He joined Metcalf

and me in St.Louis after we ended our Air Force tours of duty. )




SeaDawg at Panorama Lanes, Bellville, Ill. - 1971 (click to enlarge)

The 70s were a little blurry as are these pictures !

In late1972 Jim Metcalf and Bill Hicks (pictured here) left the band

 and Pat Manies (guitar/vocals) and Rich Moore (drums) joined.

Later members also included Dale Walkenhorst (drums), Terry Furman (drums)  Bob Spitzfadden (drums) and Paul Lucido (drums/vocals)


SeaDawg became the house band at Mark Twain Lounge in St.Charles, MO. for most of 1972. (click to enlarge)

Front: Gene Dauster (bass/vocals), Dale Manies (guitar/vocals) Back: Paul Lucido (drums/vocals), Jack Allensworth (guitar/keyboards/vocals)




Wynkin', Blinkin' and Nod  - 1973

I rejoined Jim Metcalf who had formed this group and went on the road playing Ramada Inns in the East, Midwest and South.

Jim Metcalf (drums/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals), Laura Yocum (vocals), Jim Gross (piano), Ken Schilling (Hammond B3 & guitar)

Jim Gross replaced our original piano player Charlie Title.  Stan Eto (guitar/vocals) later replaced Jim Gross.

Laura Yocum joined the Serendipity Singers in the '80s (watch a classic old video) and married producer David McKenzie.

Laura McKenzie is currently hosting "2010 - The World's Funniest Moments" TV show with Eric Estrada.





Full Sail - late 1973

Stan Eto from Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod and I formed this group and played Ramada and Holiday Inns

in the East, South and North  including  Winnipeg, Canada. We later changed the name to "Stonewheel".

I kept this name and re-vamped the group several times over the years with different members.

Stan Eto (guitar/vocals), Doug Rayfield (drums), Bob Horridge (keyboards) El-Rondo (Ron Leewright - vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)




Stonewheel  - Jan 1974

We continued playing clubs in college towns like Lansing and Ann Arbor, MI.

Donna Christian (vocals) replaced El-Rondo (Ron Leewright)





Stonewheel  - March 1974

Back to St. Louis and the Lime Tree Lounge in South County.

Doug Rayfield (drums), Donna Christian (vocals), Ken Schilling re-joined on (Hammond B3 organ), Mike Barada (guitar/vocals) 

Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)





Stonewheel   Back on the Road  - 1974 at Lafayette, IN. (click to enlarge)

Doug Rayfield (drums), Jim Payne (keyboards/vocals), Mary Dooley (vocals), Charlie Tomlin (guitar/vocals) and Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)

Mary and Jim reunited and married about 20 years later !






Back up band for Jim Burgette and Marlene Ricci (vocalists) 

We played in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Phoenix.. - Aug. 1974 - Feb.75.

Marlene thought Stonewheel sounded too rock for Vegas, so we changed to The Reason.

Charlie Tomlin, (guitar/vocals) Gene Dauster (bass/vocals),  Doug Rayfield (drums), and Jim Payne (not pictured- keyboards)




Back to St.Louis.  The Reason   - Feb. 1975

Charlie Tomlin left to play with Walter Scott. (Vocalist on "The Cheater" by Bob Kuban and the In-men)

We continued as a trio and played Holiday Inns in Indiana and Ohio.

Doug Rayfield (drums),  John Giaimo (guitar/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)





The Reason   - May 1975

Back to a 5 piece band and more rock clubs in the Midwest

Front: Gene Dauster (bass/vocals), Annette Frey (vocals), Doug Rayfield (drums) 

Back Row: Tom Scott (keyboards/vocals), Alan Firebaugh (guitar/vocals).

Later Tom Scott was replace by Lace Haig (keyboards/vocals)



I played briefly with Jim Rayfield's Band - June 1975

Jim Rayfield (guitar/vocals), Bob Lauder (keyboards/vocals), Pat Martin (vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)






Gene - Rainbow Lounge 1976 - 80 

I played with a couple of  bands at Rainbow Lounge including: 

Jellyjar Taylor - 1976 - 78

Jimmy Brockman (keyboards/sax/vocals), Roy Helwig (congas/sax/vocals), Jim Marsalla (guitar/vocals), Terry Houser (drums), 

Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)



Jimi Moore put this group together and we used the name Stonewheel  again.

 We played at Aerospace Lounge and Rainbow Lounge with various members in 1978 and 1979.

Billy Peek who just finished a world tour with Rod Stewart played with us the summer of '79 at Aerospace Lounge.

Jimi Moore (guitar/vocals), Bobby Burnette (guitar/vocals), Kim Hendricks (drums), 

Mike Brown (keyboards/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals) -1979

Later Rich Moore (drums) replaced Kim Hendricks.

Terry Fields (drums) and Mike Walker (drums) also played briefly with us during this period.


Jimi Moore at Aerospace Lounge 1978






Back to the Rainbow Lounge  - Sept -1979 - 80

Multiple members including:

Jimi Moore (guitar/vocals) Gary Stevenson (drums/vocals), Mike Hamilton (keyboards/vocals), Athena (vocals)

Keith Hinshaw (guitar/vocals), Scott Bray (keyboards/vocals), Jeff Zahnley (guitar/vocals), Mike Saffron (drums/vocals)

 "Little John" Palizzi (guitar/vocals), Sonny Skaggs (guitar/vocals) Andy Orlando (vocals), 

Jim Cook (keyboards/vocals), Mike Herbert (guitar/vocals), 

Don Ryan (drums/vocals), Tim Buckley (guitar/vocals) Joanne ?(vocals),

 and more...?


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In the 80s I played bass in several country bands and a top 40 rock band. 

The Peggy Chappel Band - Country (house band at the Chase Park Plaza) - 1981

Peggy (vocals), Mike Hamilton (keyboards/vocals), Tommy ? (drums/vocals) 

Bobby Briedenbach (steel guitar/ fiddle/ banjo/ dobro), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)


Dewayne Mize and Barbara Allen - The Boney Fingers Band - Country (house band at Classy Country in Florissant.) - 1982

Dewayne Mize had the country hit version of Leo Sayers' "I Love You More Than I Can Say".

Dewayne and Barbara (vocals), Jeff Zahnley (guitar/vocals), Gary Stevenson (drums/vocals), 

GeneDauster (bass/vocals) - later Kim Renee (vocals) replaced Barbara Allen


Alderaan  -Rock- 1983

My friend Keith Hinshaw ,who I played with at the Rainbow Lounge, put this great top 40 rock band together.

We played rock clubs in the Midwest and frequently performed in  Sikeston and Cape Girardeau,  Mo.

We also briefly backed up Glenn Archer who was promoting his record "Break The Ice".

Keith Hinshaw (guitar/ vocals), Sandy Yates (vocals), Frank Kriege (drums), Gene Dauster (bass/ vocals)

Other members at different stages were: John Phillips  (guitar/vocals), Dale Schnurbush (guitar, vocals), Roger Ponder (guitar, vocals), 

Farrell Webber (guitar, vocals), Chris Manzella (drums), Matt Pichotteau (drums/vocals) and Tim Larimore (keyboards/vocals).


Sissy and the Cheaters - Country -1986

We played local St.Louis clubs and fairs and recorded a single 45 called "Am I Dreaming" 

Sissy Coffey (vocals), Keith Hinshaw (guitar/vocals), Mark Rolph (drums/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)

I used the alias "Ozzie Hosenozzle" during this period with Alderaan and Sissy as a joke but the name stuck

and several people to this day still call me "Ozzie".  Even the Spotlight Magazine

 wrote an article on Sissy and the Cheaters and referred to me as Ozzie Hosenozzle !


The Silver Spur Band - Country - 1987

Keith Hinshaw (guitar/vocals), Mark Rolph (drums/vocals), Vickie Smith (vocals), 

Mark Thomas (fiddle/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)

Not many band pictures from this era.

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The Billy Peek Story & Song Sample.

I played on 9 of the 10 songs on this album in 1992 with Billy Peek. (Formerly of the Rod Stewart Band)

Billy Peek (guitar/vocals), Don Tieman (Drums) Gene Dauster (bass)

Also on the album is Rock & Roll Hall of Fame piano player Johnnie Johnson who played on all the

Chuck Berry hits. (Chuck Berry and Johnnie Johnson would occasionally sit in with us on some of our live gigs. Quite a trip !)

Others featured: Harry Simon (sax), Lew Winer (sax), Curt Landes (keyboards) Andy O'Conner (drums)

I played in Billy's band from 1990-1998.


(I'm a big hockey fan and this is one of my favorite pictures)

Fundraiser at Ozzie Smith's Restaraunt with Blues Hockey Players - 1994

Front Row: Billy Peek (guitar/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass)

Second Row: Dan Laperrier, Kelly Chase, Guy Carbonneau (Blues Hockey Players)

Back Row: Don Tieman (drummer), Brendan Shanahan, Bill Houlder, Al MacInnis (Blues Hockey Players)


Gene at Ozzie Smith's with the Billy Peek Band.




Click to Enlarge

Gene with Billy Peek at Great Grizzly Bear, in Soulard. 1991 (click to enlarge)


Don Tieman and Gene Dauster with Billy Peek at Great Grizzly Bear 1991 (click to enlarge)

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2010 - current

After a 10 year involuntary hiatus because of family health problems and recovering from my own cancer and heart problems

I finally began playing music again in April 2010 after getting back in touch with Mike Hamilton 

who played with me in Stonewheel and The Peggy Chappel Band back in the late '70s early '80s.

I revived an old name I used briefly in 1970 at Laredo Air Force Base.

The Steel Heart Band (of St. Louis)

It also gave me one more website to design and maintain. Click the band picture below to check it out.

Original members were: Mike Hamilton (keyboards/vocals), Julie Moreno - Hamilton (vocals), Steve Levin (guitar)

Dan Bamert (drums) and Gene Dauster (bass/vocals). In May 2010 Bill Atkins (drums) replaced Dan Bamert.

And in June 2010 old friends from the late '70s Jimi Moore (guitar/vocals) and Terry Fields (drums) 

replaced Steve Levin and Bill Atkins respectively.

Steel Heart Band

Current Members as of Dec.2010 - Top:  Julie Moreno-Hamilton (vocals), Terry Fields (drums)

Bottom L to R:  Jimi Moore (guitar/vocals), Mike Hamilton (keyboards/vocals), Gene Dauster (bass/vocals)



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My Two Girls, Wife Fumie and Daughter Mari - 1975

(My favorite picture)




Christmas -2006. My wife Fumie, Daughter Mari, and Me.

(Not quite the hair of 1979 and not quite my wrestling weight of 112 lb. in 1967  Ha ! )

My wife Fumie works at Seki's Japanese Restaurant in the U.City Loop area.

My daughter Mari also attended Pattonville HS. and was on the Cross Country Team.

Mari worked at the Missouri Botanical Gardens for several years and is working 

toward her horticulture degree while running her own garden and landscape business.

I currently own Digital Home Photos LLC and designed and own these four websites.

( Update- 09/15/2011:  Several of these websites are not fully functional anymore. I was migrating them to a new server when my illness returned and I have not finished restoring the Perl programming needed for them to adapt to the new server. It's too much like work....and I'm retired now ! )


I also developed this vacation condo site for my friends Gary and Laura Merello

And this band website for my friends Jim Rayfield and Marcia Palazzolo  (no longer active)


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